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Landing page

Single-page website for the presentation of goods, services and organization of ...

Corporate website

We create strong websites that tell people about your company ...

Online store

We create online stores that really entice your customers ...

Always one step ahead

A corporate website is the business card of a company.

Nowadays, almost every person has a mobile phone, laptop, computer, tablet. Almost all of these devices are connected to the Internet. People can no longer imagine their lives without the Internet, and this is true for both adults and children.

The Internet has become an integral part of everyday life; therefore, businesses must be one step ahead in order to keep up with the competitors. That's why you need a website for your business.

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Landing page

Landing page — single-page website with attractive design

Landing page’s purpose is to motivate a potential client to commit to an action (to buy a product, use a service, order a sample, etc.).

  • Development of a customized website
  • Creating customized web page content
  • Writing sales texts and headlines
  • Bringing out the strong sides of your company

Corporate website

An electronic resource of this type is the company's image

We will ensure not only a presentable website design, but also its 100% performance.

Advantages of a corporate website:

  • The website will demonstrate the company's dedication to development and growth.

  • The website can be used both for in-company operations and sales, presentations.

Online store

The online market grows by about 10% every year

Online store – a modern platform for direct sales, where you can sell whatever goods.

  • Orders can be taken round-the-clock.

  • Offer all the goods to a buyer.

  • Integration with accounting and warehouse systems.

  • An online store allows you to accept payments in any currency.

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Landing page

Landing page — одностраничный сайт с привлекательным дизайном

Цель лендинга — мотивировать потенциального клиента сделать действие (купить товар, воспользоваться услугой, заказать образец и т.д.).

  • Изготовление оригинального сайта
  • Отрисовку индивидуального дизайна
  • Написание продающих текстов и заголовков
  • Перечисление сильных сторон вашей компании

Корпоративный сайт

Электронный ресурс такого типа – лицо компании

Мы обеспечим не только презентабельный внешний вид электронного ресурса, но и его стопроцентную работоспособность.

Плюсы корпоративного сайта:

  • Продемонстрировать стремление компании к развитию и росту
  • Cайт использовать как для внутренней работы, так и для продаж, презентаций.


Ежегодно рынок виртуальной торговли прирастает примерно на 10%

Интернет-магазин – это современная площадка для прямых продаж, где можно реализовать абсолютно любые товары. 

  • Заказы можно принимать 24 часа в сутки.
  • Предложите покупателю все товары.
  • Интеграция с бухгалтерскими и складскими системами.
  • Интернет-магазин даст возможность принимать расчёты в любой валюте.

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A business’s website is no longer a flat advertisement with boring text and a picture, now it is your main weapon on the way to your success!

  • Well-formulated Terms of Reference

  • Fulfillment of all contractual obligations

  • Consistent high quality work that is always delivered on time

  • Competitive prices

  • Development of an original website

  • Rendering a customized design

  • Writing sales texts and headlines

  • Bringing out the strong sides of your company

  • Contact details and feedback form

  • Promotion is mainly ensured with the help of search engine advertising.